Fairness. Flexibility. Community. Responsibility.

Urban coop berlin eg is a developer for cooperative housing projects in Berlin and beyond. Our team is experienced in project development, management and supervision, the construction of housing as well as in community creation, resident participation and urban planning. Our work is guided by four core principles.


We do not speculate with land and we do not maximise profits. On the contrary, we strive to create affordable housing for many. Free apartments are assigned to our candidates according to simple and transparent criteria.


We build adaptive spaces and offer our residents opportunities for change within their homes and their immediate living environment. We try to design and moderate a very flexible development process.


We engage the future residents in all the important aspects of planning and development. We try our very best to support the growth of tenant communities and the integration of our projects with the surrounding neighbourhoods.


Our projects are socially and ecologically sustainable. Together with other Berlin-based housing cooperatives we lobby for a livable, open and diverse city and against the financialisation of housing and land speculation.

Our work

This is what we do.

Urban coop berlin initiates cooperative housing projects, connects those who would like to participate and facilitates the entire process from the first architectural sketch to the hand-over of keys.

A separate housing cooperative is created for each individual project so that the future residents will own and decide about the future of their building together. The candidacy (Anwartschaft) is a necessary condition for the participation in any of our projects. Our long-term goal is to create links between different cooperatives and to facilitate the growth of a solidary community of residents.

Urban coop berlin is continually looking for new opportunities to build. As soon as we find a suitable plot of land, we initiate the planning phase and begin to design a building that not only takes into account all legal requirements and as well as its urban environment but also and above all the preferences of our candidates.

Once the architectural layout of the building and its overall costs have been determined, apartments can be reserved by our candidates. At this stage, the project is tangible enough for candidates to decide whether or not they want to become engaged. At the same time, there is still plenty of room for participation and contributions both individually and as a group.

All candidates are invited to reserve an apartment. In case several candidates are interested in the same apartment, the candidate who joined our network first and thus has the lowest rank (Anwartschaftsnummer) on our list of candidates gets the apartment.

All those who successfully reserved an apartment become members of the housing cooperative that is created exclusively for the respective project. At this point, future residents create a common fund. The fund is needed in order to obtain a bank loan which, in turn, is needed to proceed with the planning and building process. Usually, banks expect that 20% of the total loan volume are raised up front. The financial contributions (Beteiligungskosten) are determined per square meter. What is more, the contributions are also used to pay for the planning work of urban coop berlin.

Our team of experts continues to moderate, facilitate and advance the complex planning and building process. We advice the future residents, plant the seeds for community development and enable them to take on the management of their building in the future.


What we have to offer.

Being a professional developer of cooperative housing, we have a lot to offer. Our first project in Berlin´s „Schöneberger Linse“ gives a good impression of our work.

Urban coop berlin eg provides the organizational structures, the network and the expertise which are necessary to acquire land and initiate projects quickly. Even in very tense environments such as the Berlin housing market.

Our community of candidates enables us to identify and mobilise the right people for any particular project relatively quickly. Further, this network helps us to fill up empty spots in case somebody has second thoughts about their engagement in a project.

We organize the entire planning and development of our building projects professionally and we continue to councel the residents beyond the completion of their building.

Due to our professional expertise and the clear focus on participatory planning, we find a good balance between efficient project development and democratic decision-making.

As we create cooperative housing, we support sustainable city development. With each house that we build, a small piece of the city is withdrawn from financial speculation. We take into account the needs of the neighbourhood, try to include people with special needs and build every project as ecologically sustainable as possible.

Additionally, we enable our residents to plan for the long term since they do not have to fear sudden rent increases or falling land values.

We help residents to save money. This is, first, because the urban coop does not maximise profits as most private real estate developers do. Secondly, the creation of cooperative housing is subsidized by the state in various ways. Thirdly, the sharing of spaces and facilities, something that is essential to our projects, is very cost-effective.


How to get involved.

Join our efforts to create sustainable, cooperative housing in Berlin and beyond by becoming a candidate!

Once you have joined our community of candidates, you can become engaged in the planning and development of ongoing and future projects. Our candidates have the opportunity to reserve an apartment in any of our projects and – in the future – to move from one project into another.

Moreover, as a candidate you can get to know likeminded people and start making plans together. The more candidates team up, the sooner the next project can become a reality. Independent of your personal engagement, all available apartments in each project will be offered to you for reservation.

Candidates pay 96 EUR per year. These contributions help us to initiate new projects while at the same time they assure that only those who are really interested and motivated will become part of our network.

As soon as you become member of one of our project-specific housing cooperatives, you no longer have to pay this yearly fee. Each candidate has an individual number. The eariler you join our network, the better your chances to move in with us soon.

Sei dabei!

Werde Teil unserer Anwartschaftsgemeinschaft um über freiwerdende Wohnungen informiert zu werden und neue Projekt mitzuplanen.